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Hús Is, Iceland, Sólheimajökull

Hús Is explores possibilities of fusing a buildings and the landscapes, creating coexistence where neither presence is sacrificed at the expense of the other. The house carved into basalt rock overlooks dramatic changes of the melting glacier known as Sólheimajökull.

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The house inhabited by a sculptor and his family is organised around a garden courtyard, covered by the heavy roof which remembers the texture of the rock it replaced in the landscape as well as the weight of the snow that is slowly melting on the top. Spaces are disjointed, requiring one to pass through the garden when operating around the house. The organisation idea is similar the Katsura Villa in Japan, where series of spaces spread around the garden establish their own relationship with it. The house is not only a witness to climate change but also a creator of its own micro climates: holding on to winter and accelerating spring, slowly celebrating and adapting to the changes.The project is a poetic search for ways of engraving the memory of the changing climate into fabric of the building. The architecture that holds the ice and watches it melting.


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