A Small Cabin in the Mountains

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architecture, competition, drawing

Snow Mountain Cabin 2

A small competition project.

The cabin is siteless, its site is the snow.
Landing on stilts, it tickles the earth,
Looking out onto no site, but sun.

It is for one, two, three or four.
Three entrances, three exits.
Red, grey, wooden and raw.
Material is celebrated.
The cabin is both sharp, and rough.
It is tricky.

A stair is to continue the climb.
One must rise from the snow, discover the nest.
Step up, up, up and up into the warmth.
The walls radiate the steam of rainwater, snow and mist.

Two walls of shelves face each other.
A shelf carries the weight.
The rest of space, waits.

A fireplace centers us.
It needs to be kept and it keeps all else.

A table looks out.
It likes to think.

A wall is for the user to shape.
It is for a bird to perch and a plant to nestle.
It is dark to not frighten the light.

The cabin is siteless, its site is the mountain.
It is to wait, and tickle.

A room around a fire, hovering above the world.
Slowly buried in the snow.

Snow Mountain Cabin 1

Snow Mountain Cabin 3

Snow Mountain Cabin 4

Snow Mountain Cabin 5

Snow Mountain Cabin 6

Snow Mountain Cabin 7

Snow Mountain Cabin 8

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