Streets of New York

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architecture, drawing, student


The attention of the mound of mutation turns to context. On the streets of New York we begin again with a ‘Once upon a time in America…’ The work attempts to assert itself onto a real context, where the architecture of the mound of mutation begins to take over three common iconic scenarios.

a. The Street Corner

The architectural language of the mound slowly creeps onto
the streets of brooklyn. Concrete moulds itself around a
street corner, filling potholes and climbing onto neighbouring
walls. Lights replace signs. Facades are covered in
plastic. Lamp posts turn red and glitter.


b. The Rowhouse

The facade begins to disintegrate, it dissolves into elements.
Interior is plasticised, mirrored and inseparable
from the exterior. Plumbing is exposed, and so is the identity.
A traditional window remains, seemingly unnecessary.


c. The City Sky

The starry dynamos rise into the sky as the city watches on.
Windows have begun to change – a structure erupts from the
ground. This is purely speculative.

Drawings made by Egmontas whilst studying at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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